Battery Charger, Single-Bay

Item No. E0002549

Product Overview

This single-bay smart charger system will charge all removal Li-Ion batteries associated with the product range detailed below, irrespective of size, shape, voltage or capacity.

The charger provides the capability to carry out both battery charging and fuel gauge calibration.

USA, European, and United Kingdom mains power lead options are available.

Rapiscan Systems recommends that, where applicable, you have at least two batteries available to allow for uninterrupted operation of your instrument.

Product Information

  • Single charging bay with an LED charge indicator 
  • 5-Pin standard connector
  • Length 180mm, Width 92mm, Height 58mm
  • Desktop battery recharge time ~ 3.5 hours per battery
  • Hand-Held battery recharge time ~ 3.5 hours per battery

Battery recharge times are for a full charge from 0% to 100% state of charge

Applicable Product Range 

Itemiser 4DX, Itemiser 4DN, MobileTrace (all models), Hardened MobileTrace

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