Itemiser® 3

Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth
Screen Assembly, Sampling Wand
Filter, Fan
Canless Air System
Battery Charger, E.U. Two-Bay
Pen, Calibration
Instrument Trolley, Horizontal Bin
Instrument Trolley, Vertical Bin
Instrument Trolley, Drawer
Instrument Trolley, Cabinet
Instrument Trolley, 3 Drawer
Instrument Trolley, Drawer and Cabinet
Rubber Washer, Sample Air Line
Spare Parts Kit
O-Ring, Sample Air Line
Consumables Kit, Narcotics
Consumables Kit, Initial
Cleaning Kit
Maintenance Kit, Annual
Consumables Kit, State Department
Consumables Kit, 6 Month, Custom ACP
Maintenance Kit, Annual
Consumables Kit, Demo
Consumables Kit, 6 months
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