Process and Documentary Requirements for Returning Goods or Equipment to Rapiscan Systems Limited in the United Kingdom 


In order to return any goods or equipment to Rapiscan Systems Limited (RSL) in the United Kingdom, the following documentation must be provided and received prior to the arrival of any shipment into the UK:

  1. A signed commercial invoice and packing list on your company letterhead containing the following information:

    1. RSL’s Part Number (as stated on our original shipping documentation)

    2. Description of Goods/Equipment

    3. Quantity of Goods/Equipment

    4. Value of Goods/Equipment

    5. Currency of Invoice

    6. Country of Origin of Each Item

    7. Harmonised Tariff Code for Each Item (if you are unsure or require help, please liaise with

      Rapiscan Systems Ltd in advance of shipment)

    8. The Purchase Order or Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number

    9. Contact Name

    10. Weights and Dimensions

  2. Bill-of-lading / Air Waybill

    Customer/ Distributor to contact carrier to produce Bill-of-lading/ Air Waybill.

    The Invoice Consignee must be shown as Rapiscan Systems Limited, X-Ray House, Bonehurst Road, Salfords, Surrey, RH1 5GG, United Kingdom.

Where an active Maintenance Subcontract Agreement (MSA) or Service Level Agreement (SLA) is in place and the item(s) being returned are deemed returnable by RSL then RSL will cover the return shipping costs under DAP (delivered at Place)

If neither an active MSA nor SLA in place the exporter (customer/distributor) will cover the return shipping costs under Inco-terms (Delivered at Place) is to be issued on all RMA Import/Export shipment documentation and selected when raising AWB/BoL. As per service Terms and Conditions

Before product handover in accordance with agreed terms and conditions of sale RSL will be responsible for the cost of shipping returned components unless found to be damaged under RSL quality investigations.

The person or persons assigned to the maintenance of any given product must fully complete and promptly return RMA form RSSA-SVC-F-3002 which is embedded at the foot of this document. Failure to do so may result in a delay in shipping replacement components. All P1requests (as defined in the document embedded below) will be validated by our Technical Service team prior to processing and may be subject to change. All shipments are subject to regulatory requirements which may include dangerous goods.

The Invoice ‘Notify Party’ must also be clearly and separately shown on all shipping documentation: this is for our customs broker for importing goods and equipment into the UK. RSL’s designated UK customs broker is:

DHL Global Forwarding (UK) Limited
Dawley Park, Kestrel Way
Hayes, Middlesex UB3 1HJ, United Kingdom

Please send copies of all shipping documents, airwaybills and associated pre-alerts to  at the point of shipment of the goods.

RSL puts you on notice that if during period of warranty or the term of an SLA/MSA an RMA form is not raised within 30 calendar days of replacement or consignment being utilised, then RSL reserves the right to arrange for collection and shipping of the components, in which case your company shall be liable for the costs of shipping or, to claim from your company the list value of the components.


Download Returns Form


RSSA-SVC-F-3003 REV 1 ECO-13556

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