Item No. 20108237-R

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Product Description 

Rapiscan Systems is offering an exclusive sale of the SANDT 180kV REFURBISHED GENERATOR for a limited time only.  Promotional Price includes:

  • Shipping & Handing costs
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Collimator component

Applicable Product Range

BPI series including 618XRH and 618XRW, 918CX, and 620DV.

Product Information

Use these generators if you have any of the advanced single view checkpoint screening systems of all small and medium BPI series including 618XRH and 618XRW, 918CX, and 620DV.

  • These generators have been completely refurbished and cleared by compliance.
  • These generators come with an extended warranty of 12 months.
  • Free Shipping.

NOTICE: Not for sale or final destination in the USA or use with TSA in USA.


The Rapiscan Systems SANDT 180kV Refurbished Generator Part Number 20108237-R sales price is final. No additional discounts may apply including quantity or distributor discounts and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


While our standard warranty is 90 days, Rapiscan Systems is offering a generous warranty exclusively for these SANDT 180kV Generators Part Number 20108237-R of a calendar year from POS so that is 13 months in total. The warranty covers parts and labor as specified by your terms and conditions with Rapiscan Systems.

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