Lamp Holder Cap

Item No. M1000351

Product Overview

A lamp holder cap assembly which includes the O-Ring, washer and receptacle.

Under normal operation a replacement lamp holder cap should only be required if it becomes damaged or lost.

Never over-tighten the lamp holder cap, you might damage the cap or the detector, and negatively affect the operation of the device.

This item should be used by appropriately trained maintenance personnel in accordance with the instructions provided in the instrument's user guide.

Product Information

  • Lamp Cap
    • Material - Polyimide
    • Colour - Brown
    • Dimensions - 19 mm x Ø 19 mm
  • O - Ring, Lamp Holder Cap (MP011253)
    • Material - Kalrez Compound 4079
    • Colour - Black
    • Dimensions - Outer Ø 12.8 mm, Inner Ø 9.24 mm

Applicable Product Range

Itemiser 4DX, Itemiser 4DN

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