Hand Vacuum Sampler Kit

Item No. PA005135‐001

Product Overview

This hand vacuum sampler kit provides an additional vapor sampling option. 

The vacuum sampling unit (or hand vacuum) is a battery-operated unit used for direct sampling of items. The sample nozzle is attached to the vacuum sampling unit where users can wipe items for air collection (vacuuming) using the gold sample traps.

The vacuum sampling unit uses off-the-shelf rechargeable batteries that can be kept on hand to eliminate any downtime. 

Product Information

This kit is available in a European or U.S. version

PA005135-001 (U.S. version) contains the following parts

  • M0001217 - Hand Vacuum Sampler (Qty 1)
  • EP010006 - Battery Charger, U.S. Two-Bay (Qty 1)
  • EP008011 - Battery, Hand Vacuum Sampler (Qty 2)
  • M0001249 - Gold Sample Traps (Qty 2)

PA005135-002 (European version) contains the following parts

  • M1000160 - Hand Vacuum Assembly (Qty 1) comprising of:
    • M0001217 - Hand Vacuum Sampler (Qty 1)
    • EP010005 - Battery Charger, E.U. Two-Bay (Qty 1)
    • EP008011 - Battery, Hand Vacuum Sampler (Qty 1)
  • M0001249 - Gold Sample Traps (Qty 2)

Applicable Product Range

Itemiser 3

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